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Eric Delamaide Selected for Outstanding Services as a Technical Editor at SPE
September 17, 2015
Eric Delamaide of IFP Canada has been selected to...
SPE-174441 Reservoir Simulation of H2S Production During a SAGD Process Using a new Sulfur-Based-Compositional Kinetic Model to be presented at 2015 SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference on June 11
June 5, 2015
Nowadays steam injection is commonly used as a thermal...

Success Stories


A surfactant polymer field test in a carbonate reservoir has been implemented in Indonesia. The pilot has exceeded its objectives and a large scale commercial deployment is currently under study.

Confidential (Malaysia)

Foam was selected by the operator to improve the performances of a WAG process. A formulation generating a stable foam with good rheological properties and stability in reservoir conditions was designed (Chabert, et al., 2013)... Read More

Pelican Lake (Canada)

IFP (a member of the EOR Alliance) proposed the first polymer flood in a heavy oil reservoir in 1995 in the Pelican Lake field. This thin (5 m average) giant reservoir (6.4 billion barrels OOIP)... Read More

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