How do the technologies increase reserves?

By improving sweep efficiency, reducing residual oil or modifying the wettability of the reservoir, untapped oil can be accessed.


Is there a solution to the water management issues at EOR sites?

A comprehensive Total Systems Analysis will help identify the effects of the EOR formulation on the separation of the oil, water and solids in your facilities.


Do Steam Foam Additives help in SAGD operations?

Steam Foam surfactants can be used to help in the development of the steam chamber.


Can Gas Foam help with gravity override?

Gas foams will help with in-depth gas mobility control, thief zone treatment and conformance control.  The most robustly tested approach relies on surfactant added to water phase to form foam.


Is there a danger of surfactants and polymers interacting with the production chemical treatment for corrosions and scale?

The interaction of the production treatment products, such as scale and corrosions inhibitors must be tested to against the formulations for the EOR process.  The EOR Alliance will work with the parties to ensure there is minimal impact on the facilities.


My field is currently being water flooded.  How difficult is it to change to an EOR application

The screening sheet (available here) will help us guide you to the technology that will be best suited for you reservoir.


Are the surfactants tested experimental or currently commercially available?

Only surfactants that are commercially available are tested during the formulation phase.


Does the EOR Alliance use exclusively Solvay products?

The EOR Alliance works with a set of over 150 surfactants, all of which can be made available at large scale by Solvay, either from their own facilities, or through agreements with other surfactant manufacturers. Our goal is to develop the best formulation for your reservoir, regardless of the manufacturer.

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