Oil-Wet Reservoirs


The Challenge:

Oil wet reservoirs can pose specific challenges for recovery in particular when fractured. Carbonates in particular are often both oil wet and fractured. Wettability alteration can be considered in order to increase recovery in such types of reservoirs. Oil wettability also results in high residual oil saturation, in which case surfactant injection can be considered to increase recovery.


How to Solve It:

The Alliance has developed specific solutions and tools to allow us to speed up the identification of the most efficient additives to change the wettability of your reservoir and increase recovery. In fractured reservoirs various surfactants can be used to change the wettability to more neutral or water-wet conditions, thus improving natural imbibition. In non-fractured reservoirs other types of surfactant can allow to develop ultra-low interfacial tension and thus reduce the residual oil saturation.



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