Webinar #6: Design and performance of surfactant cEOR processes – Impact of reservoir rock mineralogy

Where: Virtual

When: January 28th 2021 – 2:00 PM CEST

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Eric Delamaide
Speaker: Valentin Guillon, EOR project manager at IFPEN

Valentin Guillon holds a PhD on diphasic flow in porous media. Since 2013, he conducts chemical EOR laboratory design, evaluation and optimization studies as well as special core analysis studies on the behalf of IFPEN and the EOR Alliance.




Chemical EOR processes based on surfactants and polymers are highly constrained by chemicals losses due to adsorption on porous media. Among the main factors impacting chemical adsorption, the mineralogy is imposed and its impact is hard to predict and should be deals with.
In this work, we first review the main effects of the various factors impacting surfactant adsorption and then focus on the mitigation strategies that can be applied on field, based on either brines treatments, chemical selection or specific injections processes.
We present four representatives cases studies on different mineralogies and conditions. Each of them exhibits specific hurdles related to the reservoir rock mineralogy.
Mineralogy is proven to be a key factor that control chemical losses. Therefore using representative mineralogy is mandatory to develop a SP cEOR process efficient in reservoir conditions. However, this study shows that strategies can be developed to mitigate the impact of mineralogy on SP cEOR processes.

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