Tulsa IOR Conference – Tulsa, OK, April 12-16 2014

The EOR Alliance was present at the 19th Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery in Tulsa, OK with a booth and four papers presentation:

Advances In SCAL Data Interpretations On Multi-Scale Measurements From Different Carbonate Rock Types In A Giant Oilfield In Abu Dhabi

Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Formulation Evaluation In Live Oil Conditions: The Impact Of Temperature, Pressure And Gas On Oil Recovery Performance

Impact of Surfactant Structure and Oil Saturation on the Behavior of Dense CO2 Foams in Porous Media

Influence Of Chemical Eor On Topside Produced Water Management

E. Delamaide also co-chaired 2 sessions (“Field Case Histories II” and “Heavy Oil”)

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