Steam Foams

Impact of Oil on Steam Foam Formulation at 250°C

Authors: A. Cuenca, E. Lacombe, M. Chabert, M. Morvan (Solvay)

Source: SPE paper 179806, SPE Enhanced Oil Recovery Conference at Oil & Gas West Asia held in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 2016

State of the Art Review of the Steam Foam Process

Authors: Delamaide, E., Cuenca, A. and Chabert, M.

Source: SPE 181160 presented at the SPE Latin America and Caribbean Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil Conference, Lima, Peru, 2016

Enhanced Viscosity Formulations For Steam Foam Applications: Impact On Performances In Bulk And Porous Media

Authors: A. Cuenca, E. Lacombe, M. Chabert, M. Morvan (Solvay) and E. Delamaide (IFP Canada)

Source: SPE 174469 presented at Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2015

Design of Thermally Stable Surfactants Formulations for Steam Foam Injection

Authors: A. Cuenca, E. Lacombe, M. Morvan, V. Le Drogo, R. Giordanengo, M. Chabert, Solvay, E. Delamaide, IFP Canada

Source: SPE 170129, Heavy Oil Conference, Alberta, 2014

Laboratory Evaluation of Foaming Additives Used To Improve Steam Efficiency

Authors: M. Robin (Inst. Francais du Petrole)

Source: SPE16729, presented at SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Dallas, Texas, 1987

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