Polymer Flooding

Comparison of Steam and Polymer Injection for the Recovery of Heavy Oil

Authors: Delamaide, E.

Source: SPE 185728 presented at the SPE Western Regional Meeting, Bakersfield, California, USA, 2017

Reservoir simulation of a polymer flood pilot in the Pelican lake heavy oil field: a step forward

Authors: Delaplace, Ph., Roggero, F., Delamaide, E., Euzen, T. and Renard, G.

Source: ATCE, New Orleans, 2013

Qualifying an “Emulsion” Polymer for Field Use – Lab-scale Assessments on Adsorption and Injectivity

Authors: K. Sandengen (Statoil ASA), M.T. Tweheyo (Statoil ASA), C.M. Crescente (Statoil ASA), A. Mouret (IFP Energies nouvelles), I. Henaut (IFP Energies nouvelles) & D. Rousseau (IFP Energies nouvelles)

Source: Paper B15 presented at the 19th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery - Sustainable IOR in a Low Oil Price World, Stavanger, Norway, 2017

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