Impact of EOR on Water Management

Methodological Approach for Analyzing the Impact of Chemical EOR on Surface Processes

Authors: Argillier, J.F., Dalmazzone, C., Henaut, I., Mouazen, M., Noik, C. and Boufarguine, M.

Source: EAGE, Saint Petersbourg, 2013

Influence of Chemical EOR on Topside Produced Water Management

Authors: J-F. Argillier, I. Henaut, C. Noik (IFP Energies nouvelles), R. Viera (Petrobras), F. Roca Leon, B. Aanesen (Statoil)

Source: SPE169067, 2014

Produced Water Treatment – Preparing for EOR Projects

Authors: Dwyer, P., Delamaide, E. (IFP Technologies Inc.)

Source: SPE 174537, 2015

Evaluation of EOR Chemicals Impact on Topside Operations

Authors: J.-F. Argillier, I. Henaut, M. Darbouret, C. Jermann, G. Vinay, IFPEN, The EOR Alliance

Source: Conference at OGWA Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre, Muscat, Oman, 2018

Impact of EOR Chemicals on Oil-Water Separation Processes, from Laboratory Scale to Flow Loop Scale

Authors: C. Cassar, A. Mouret, M. H. Klopffer, IFP Energies Nouvelles, M. Salaün, Solvay

Source: SPE 200455, SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference, 2020

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