ASP/SP Flooding

Design of a Surfactant/Polymer process in a Hard Brine Context: A Case study Applied to Bramberge Reservoir

Authors: Rene Tabary(IFPEN), Frederic Douarche(IFPEN), Brigitte Bazin (IFPEN), Pierre Maxime Lemouzy (Beicip Franlab), Patrick Moreau (Rhodia), Mikel Morvan(Rhodia)

Source: SPE155106, presented at SPE EOR Conference at OGWA Oman, 2012

Recent Progress in Surfactant Flooding in Carbonate Reservoirs

Authors: Chevallier, E., Renard, S., Tabary, R., Bazin, B., Douarche, F., Oukhemanou, F. and Moreau, P.

Source: EAGE, Saint Petersbourg, 2013

Impact of Difficult Environments on Chemical Flooding Performance

Authors: Bazin, B., Tabary, R., Douarche, F., Moreau P. and Oukhemanou, F.

Source: EAGE, Saint Petersbourg, 2013

Chemical EOR in Low Permeability Reservoirs

Authors: Delamaide, E., Tabary, R. Rousseau, D. and Chabert, M.

Source: SPE 169673 presented at the SPE EOR Conference at Oil and Gas Western Asia, Muscat, Oman, 2014

Alkaline Surfactant-Polymer formulation evaluation in live oil conditions: the impact of temperature, pressure and gas on oil recovery performance

Authors: F. Oukhemanou, T. Courtaud, M. Morvan, P. Moreau (Solvay), P. Mougin, C. Féjean, N. Pedel, B. Bazin, R. Tabary (IFPEN)

Source: SPE paper 169130, SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, 2014

Surfactant-Polymer Flooding in Hard Brines and High Temperature Reservoirs

Authors: A. Delbos, R. Tabary (IFPEN), E. Chevallier and P. Moreau (Solvay)

Source: IPTC-18208-MS, 8th International Petroleum Technology Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2014

Multi-objectives automatic inversion of surfactant-polymer flooding experiments on sandstone cores

Authors: S. Leray, F. Douarche, F. Roggero, R. Tabary (IFPEN), P. Moreau (Solvay)

Source: 2015 EAGE Conference, 18th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery, Dresden, Germany, 2015

A New Approach for Offshore Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery

Authors: E. Delamaide (IFP Canada), R. Tabary (IFPEN), P. Moreau (Solvay)

Source: Paper OTC 25919, Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas, USA, 2015

Mobilization of Trapped Oil by Surfactant Injection – An Experimental Study Using Multi-scale Imaging

Authors: S. Youssef, Y. Peysson, R. Oughanem, O. Vizika

Source: EAGE Conference, 18th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery, Dresden, Germany, 2015

Surfactant-Polymer Feasibility for a Sandstone Reservoir in Kuwait. Successful Integrated Approach from Laboratory to Pilot Design

Authors: M. Al-Murayri, A. Hassan, Kuwait Oil Company, I. Hénaut, C. Marlière, A. Mouret, IFPEN The EOR Alliance, D. Lalanne-Aulet, Solvay The EOR Alliance, J.P. Sanchez, G. Suzanne, Beicip-Franlab The EOR Alliance

Source: SPE 194979-MS, SPE Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference, 18-21 March, Manama, Bahrain, 2020

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