Adsorption Inhibitors

Design Of Economical Polymer And Surfactant-polymer Processes In High Temperature Carbonated Um Gudair Kuwaiti Field

Authors: N.M. Al-Tameemi, M. Al-Subaihi, H. Al-Mayyan, Kuwait Oil Company; S. Bekri, IFP Energies nouvelles; R.J. Company, Solvay; V. Guillon, IFPEN; A.C. Negre, Beicip

Source: SPE 197261, Abu Dhabi International Petroleum & Exhibition, 2019

Surfactant Flooding in Challenging Conditions: Towards Hard Brines and High Temperature

Authors: Tabary, R., Bazin, B., Douarche, F., Moreau, P. and Oukhemanou, F.

Source: SPE 164359, 2013

Adsorption inhibitors: a new route to mitigate adsorption in Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery

Authors: A. Tay, F. Oukhemanou, N. Wartenberg, P. Moreau (Solvay), V. Guillon, A. Delbos and R. Tabary (IFPEN)

Source: SPE paper 174603, SPE Enhanced Oil Recovery Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2015

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