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Thermal stability of sulfonated polymers

A. Audibert (Institut Français du Petrole) | J-F. Argillier (Institut Français du Petrole)   Abstract Polyacrylamides which are used in oil applications i.e. polymer flooding...

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Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Polyacrylamide Solutions after Mechanical Degradation through a Porous Medium

Ch. Noïk (Institut Français du Petrole) | Ph. Delaplace (Institut Français du Petrole) | G. Muller (Faculte des Sciences)   Abstract Mechanical degradation of polymer...

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Permeability Dependent Propagation of Polyacrylamides Under Near-Wellbore Flow Conditions

P. Zitha (Institut Français du Petrole) | G. Chauveteau (Institut Français du Petrole) | A. Zaitoun (Institut Français du Petrole)   Abstract A new type...

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A New Model for Formation Damage by Particle Retention

L. Nabzar (L. Nabzar) | G. Chauveteau (G. Chauveteau) | C. Roque (C. Roque)   Abstract The formation damage caused by the injection of water...

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Rheology of Polyacrylamide-Based Systems Under Near-Well Bore Conditions

G. Chauveteau (Institut Francais du Petrole) | R. Tabary (Institut Francais du Petrole) | N. Kohler (Institut Francais du Petrole)   Abstract Excessive water production...

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Permeability Damage by Deposition of Colloidal Particles

L. Nabzar (Institut Francais du Petrole) | G. Chauveteau (Institut Francais du Petrole)   Abstract The formation damage due to retention of colloidal particles suspended...

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New Insight on Polymer Adsorption Under High Flow Rates

G. Chauveteau (Institut Français du Petrole) | K. Denys (Institut Français du Petrole) | A. Zaitoun (Institut Français du Petrole)   Abstract In previous papers...

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How to Get the Best Out of Hydrophobically Associative Polymers for IOR? New Experimental Insights

Guillaume Dupuis (IFP) | Rene Tabary (Institut Francais du Petrole IFP) | Bruno Grassl (IPREM/EPCP UMR 5254)   Abstract The specific molecular structure of Hydrophobically...

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Injectivity of Hydrophobically Modified Water Soluble Polymers for IOR: Controlled Resistance Factors vs. Flow-Induced Gelation

Guillaume Dupuis (IFP Energies nouvelles) | David Rousseau (IFP Energies nouvelles) | Rene Tabary (IFP Energies nouvelles) | Bruno Grassl (IPREM/EPCP UMR 5254)   Abstract...

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Condensate Production Optimization in the Arun Gas Field

R.M. Risan (Mobil Oil Indonesia) | S. Abdullah (Mobil Oil Indonesia) | Z. Hidayat (Mobil Oil Indonesia)   Abstract In the Arun Field, Mobil Oil...

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