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Polymer Flooding: The Essential Elements for Laboratory Evaluation

G. Chauveteau (Institut Francais du Petrole) | N. Kohler (Institut Francais du Petrole)   Abstract Laboratory studies of Pusher and Kelzan solution behavior were carried...

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Propagation of Polymer Slugs Through Porous Media

J. Lecourtier (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | G. Chauveteau (Inst. Francais du Petrole)   Abstract This paper describes an experimental and theoretical study of the...

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Preparation of Two Polymer Pilot Tests in Daqing Oil Field

G. Chauveteau (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | J Combe (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Han Dong (Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau)   Abstract Information relative to...

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Interpretation of High Recovery Obtained in a New Polymer Flood in the Chateaurenard Field

A.G. Putz (Elf Aquitaine) | J.M. Lecourtier (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | L. Bruckert (Elf Aquitaine)   Abstract The Courtenay polymer flooding test is being...

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Fully Integrated Reservoir Study and Numerical Forecast Simulations of Two-Polymer Pilots in Daqing Field

P. Corlay (Inst. Francais du Petole) | P. Lemouzy (Inst. Francais du Petole) | R. Eschard (Inst. Francais du Petole) | Li Rui Zhang (Daging...

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Polymer Adsorption/Retention in Porous Media: Effects of Core Wettability on Residual Oil

Daniel Broseta (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Fatiha Medjahed (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Jacqueline Lecourtier (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Michel Robin (Inst. Francais...

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An Innovative Polymer Flooding Simulator Based on Advanced Concepts in Polymer Physics

Jacqueline Lecourtier (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Richard Rivenq (Elf Aquitaine) | Philippe Delaplace (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | P. Lemonnier (Inst. Francais du Petrole)...

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Results of Two Polymer Flooding Pilots in the Central Area of Daqing Oil Field

Demin Wang (Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau) | Yuexing Hao (Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau) | Eric Delamaide (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Zhonggui Ye (Daqing Petroleum...

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Injectivity of Sulfonated Polymers Under North Sea Field Conditions

Christine Noik | Annie Audibert | Phillipe Delaplace   Abstract Oil field operations for polymer flooding under drastic conditions need suitable commercial products. This study...

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Commercial Polymer Injection in the Courtenay Field, 1994 Update

A.G. Putz (Elf Aquitaine Production) | Brigitte Bazin (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | B.M. Pedron (Elf Aquitaine Production)   Abstract The polymer injection in the...

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