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Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Formulation Evaluation In Live Oil Conditions: The Impact Of Temperature, Pressure And Gas On Oil Recovery Performance

Fanny Oukhemanou (SOLVAY) | Tiphaine Courtaud (SOLVAY) | Mikel Morvan (SOLVAY) | Patrick Moreau (SOLVAY) | Pascal Mougin (IFP Energies nouvelles) | Christophe Féjean (IFP...

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Alkaline-Free Surfactant Polymer Process for Heavy Oil

S. Hocine (Solvay) | A. Magnan (Solvay) | G. Degre (Solvay) | N. Rousseau (IFP Energies nouvelles) | D. Rousseau (IFP Energies nouvelles)   Abstract...

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Chemical EOR for Heavy Oil: The Canadian Experience

Eric Delamaide (IFP Technologies Canada Inc.), Brigitte Bazin (IFP Energies nouvelles), David Rousseau (IFP Energies nouvelles), Guillaume Degre (Solvay)   Abstract Chemical EOR methods such as polymer flooding...

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A combinatorial approach for identification of performance EOR surfactants

Mikel Morvan (Rhodia) | Roman Koetitz (Rhodia) | Patrick Moreau (Rhodia) | Bertrand Pavageau (Rhodia) | Philippe Rivoal (Rhodia) | Bernard Roux (Rhodia)   Abstract...

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An Integrated Workflow for Chemical EOR Pilot Design

Brigitte Bazin (Institut Francais du Petrole IFP) | Mikel Morvan | Frederic Douarche | Rene Tabary (Institut Francais du Petrole IFP)   Abstract After primary...

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An Advanced Methodology for Surfactant Based Pilot Design

Brigitte Bazin (IFP Energies nouvelles) | Frederic Douarche (IFP – Institut Francais du Petrole) | Rene Tabary (IFP Energies nouvelles) | Sergio Pedraza (Beicip-Franlab) |...

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New Viscoelastic Fluid for Chemical EOR

Mikel Morvan (Rhodia) | Patrick Moreau (Rhodia) | Guillaume Degre (Rhodia) | Jacques Leng (CNRS) | Chloe Masselon (Rhodia) | Jerome Bouillot (Poweltec) | Alain...

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