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Phase Diagram Optimization in Micellar Systems

M. Baviere (Institut Francais du Petrole)   Abstract An optimization of micro emulsion compositions is presented for a hydrocarbon/water ratio considered as characteristic. By studying...

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Characteristics of Oil Displacements by Aqueous Surfactant Solutions

L. Minssieux | J.C. Moulu   Abstract The aim of-this laboratory work was a detailed study of oil recovery ability of aqueous surfactant solutions.  ...

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Surfactants for EOR: Olefin Sulfonate Behavior at High Temperature and Hardness

Marc Baviere (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Bridgitte Bazin (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Christine Noik (Inst. Francais du Petrole)   Abstract The surfactant properties...

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Reduction Of Surfactant Retention With Polyphosphates In Surfactants Flooding Process

Chengzhi Yang (Research Inst. Of Petroleum E And D) | B. Bazin (Inst. Francais Du Petrole) | T. Labrid (Inst. Francais Du Petrole) | Yanli...

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Micellar Flooding in an Alkaline Environment Under Lao Jun Miao Conditions

B. Bazin (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Cheng Zhi Yang (RIPED) | Wang De Chen (Research Inst. of Yumen Oilfield) | Xue Yi Su (Research...

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Improvement of the Efficiency/Cost Ratio of Chemical EOR Processes by Using Surfactants, Polymers, and Alkalis in Combination

Marc Baviere (Inst. Francais du Petrole) | Philippe Glenat (Total) | Veronique Plazanet (Total) | Jean Labrid (Inst. Francais du Petrole)   Abstract Present crude...

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Viscosifying Surfactant Technology for Chemical EOR: a Reservoir Case

Guillaume Degre (Rhodia) | Mikel Morvan | Julien Beaumont (Rhodia) | Annie Colin (LOF (CNRS-Rhodia-Bx1)) | Guillaume Dupuis (POWELTEC) | Alain Zaitoun (POWELTEC) | Rashid...

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Design of a Surfactant/Polymer Process in a Hard Brine Context: A Case Study Applied to Bramberge Reservoir

Rene Tabary (IFP Energies nouvelles) | Frederic Douarche (IFP Energies nouvelles) | Brigitte Bazin (IFP Energies nouvelles) | Pierre Maxime Lemouzy (Beicip-Franlab) | Patrick Moreau...

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Viscosifying Surfactant Technology for Heavy Oil Reservoirs

Mikel Morvan (Rhodia) | Guillaume Degre (Rhodia) | Julien Beaumont (Rhodia) | Annie Colin (LOF (CNRS-Rhodia-Bx1)) | Guillaume Dupuis (POWELTEC) | Alain Zaitoun (POWELTEC) |...

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Surfactant Flooding in Challenging Conditions: Towards Hard Brines and High Temperatures

R. Tabary (IFP Energies nouvelles) | B. Bazin (IFP Energies nouvelles) | F. Douarche (IFP Energies nouvelles) | P. Moreau (Rhodia Solvay) | F. Oukhemanou-Destremaut...

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