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An Integrated Study of the Rejuvenation of the Cañadon Perdido Field (Argentina) by Polymer Injection

J.-P. Romanato | P. Lemouzy | R. Friedenberg | R. Tabary | A. Zaitoun | M. Russo


The Cañadon Perdido field (Argentina) is an old field first produced by depletion and recently by waterflood. The reservoir lies in continental fluviatile deposits. The oil viscosity is about 100 cp. The unfavorable water-oil mobility ratio makes the waterflood efficiency low. Thus a polymer solution injection was studied to improve the oil production, considering the favorable temperature and salinity. The preparation of a pilot and the estimation of the economical efficiency of the process are presented. The paper presents the tasks integrated in the study: · Laboratory (selection of polymer, measurements of its characteristics inside and outside the reservoir rock). · Geological and reservoir engineering modelling of the pilot zone, including geostatistical simulation. · Design of the pilot surface facilities and estimation of costs of a field extension. The conclusions of the study are: · A polymer solution is efficient to produce additional oil. · The reservoir conditions allow to use polyacrylamide, the cheapest polymer. · If confirmed by the pilot results, polymer injection could be economically attractive. The reservoir is composed of sandy-silty-


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